Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Fancy New Curtains!

Everybody who knows me knows that I am a fabric addict. I love many different kinds of fabrics; cotton prints, linens, silks. I love them all. In fact one of my famous lines is "So many fabrics, So little time"!

Sometimes when I receive the notice that a fabric I have in my line will be discontinued and I haven't had a chance to design something with it, I will buy some yardage and hold it until the right room or project comes along.

This was the case recently when I had on hand a gorgeous silk damask that I had admired and bought after being discontinued. I wanted a change from the green striped silk that had hung there for several years, so I finally sketched up a design. I wanted a dressy look since this window is on the front of the house and is in my office. I added a ruched-cuff heading and lots of fullness in width. I also splurged on heavy English bump interlining which gives body and richness to silk like no other interlining.

My sketch for the workroom

The finished product!

I think they will be a nice dressy look for the holidays. Thanks for looking!

(P.S. the wall color is not quite as orange as it looks in this photo!)


cotedetexas said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!)!!!!!!! I love the trim and the ruching! Just beautiful!!!

Southern Chateau said...

Thanks Joni!

Interlined Curtains said...

Which tell us that how should we have to manage our interior decoration of our house..

Unknown said...

Gorgeous design. I love the heading!

Kathy said...

this is a pretty heading. I would love to see what it looks like with the drapery pulled shut. Or more details on how it was put together. I own my own workroom and it is always fun to see a new heading.

Kathy said...

this is a lovely drapery. I would love to see the heading with the drapery pulled shut. I own my own workroom and it is always nice to see a new heading.

Southern Chateau said...

Thank you, Kathy. Unfortunately, I have taken these down and am in the process of doing a new design in this room. Otherwise, I would love to show them closed. Glad you like my design!