Monday, September 3, 2012

Embrace Your Personal Colors

This morning as I was having my morning cup of joe and was surfing around all my favorite haunts, one of which is Etsy, I ran across this beautiful custom necklace.  Several things about it caught my attention; it's unique, it's chunky, it's handmade, and it's purple.  I love purple.  I always have.  When I was in eighth grade, I went through what I call my Purple Period.  I painted my room Lilac, my favorite outfit was a purple crushed-velvet miniskirt with matching vest, and all my cheap costume jewelry had something amethyst on it somewhere.  This got me thinking.  Since I dearly love purple and all the shades and tones it owns, why do I not have a dang speck of it anywhere in my house?  This is really just wrong I think.  Is it because somewhere I was told it was "out", or that I wasn't seeing it displayed in any of my friends homes, or in my favorites blogs and magazines?  It was like a personal awakening.  Why would I forsake a color that I obviously loved freely back in the day before I was initiated into the world of Dictated Taste.  Hmmmm, now I feel like some kind of color sheep; someone who may be thinking too much about taste, or fashion, and not enough about what moves me as far as decoration and design are concerned.  I realize that purple, aubergine, whatever name or shade you like to call it, is somewhat, for some tastemakers, now back in vogue.  So I should jump on the bandwagon, right?  Well, yes and no.  I think I will posthaste get me something beautiful and purple-ish and put it somewhere in my home where it can bring me happiness every day.  But when the Color Police say it should be banished in a few months or a year, I think I will be brave enough now to keep it in my life anyway.  I'm on the hunt now for that beautiful thing which is purple to adopt and love forever.  I'll keep you posted.
"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
William Morris

(Here is the link to the lovely necklace.)


Barb said...

I love purple too. Amethyst is my favorite jewel, I love that bracelet. The color of the stones in that lovely bracelet is the color of my master bedroom walls - kind of a dark purple/gray. I think it's Benjamin Moore Elephant Gray. LOVE it.

peggy braswell said...

who says lavender is out of style? If it is alright for Saladino(favorite designer) it is alright for me! + it is one of my favorite colors in everything.

Southern Chateau said...

Exactly Peggy! I know it is back in favor, but I'm going to embrace it forever, in OR out!

Victoria said...

amethyst is my birthstone and I
had a lilac bedroom in my tweens
I actually have used pops of it in
my guestroom along with dried
lavendar. Great post!

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work in your post! How kind of you! You know, my necklaces DO last forever. and I fix anything that needs it...but it never will need fixing. I make these necklaces to last a lifetime, so you would get lots of enjoyment from it!
I deeply appreciate this feature...thank you so very much!

Southern Chateau said...

Thanks Victoria! A girl after my own heart!
And Jennifer! Oh lord, that necklace is just beautiful! I think I must have!

Terry said...

Thanks so much for visiting my place. Now I have trouble distinguishing one purple from another but I know a purple chimney when I see one. This one is in Grant Park on Grant Street near St. Paul UMC Atlanta

Southern Chateau said...

Terry, that purple chimney is just wrong! Not what I had in mind!

Donna said...

That would make such a great bedroom color too! Nice way to choose color for a home Carol :-)