Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter

Spring begins Friday and I am looking forward to it. But I also always feel a little sad to see winter end. I know many of you will think I'm crazy, but there are things I actually like about winter. I like the coziness of sitting by the fire on long winter evenings. ( We took out our gas logs and replaced them with andirons and real wood several years ago.) I like to cook a lot in the winter, too, which my family appreciates. I make a lot of the good old Southern comfort foods that always bring my family home. I have a winter evening ritual of lighting candles around the house, burning a nice woodsy scent in a diffuser, and dimming overhead lights in favor of lamps scattered throughout. There's just something about being home on a cozy winter evening, not having to worry about yard work or any other outside chores. Winter gives us the chance to reconnect with our families, and really our homes too, because we spend so much more time in them.

So in honor of bidding winter goodbye, I think I will stir up a pot of spicy chili, light a fire if it's cool enough, and look forward to saying hello to Spring.

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