Saturday, January 9, 2010

The 2010 Design Consumer: What They Want, When They Plan to Spend

As a designer I feel the need to keep my finger on the pulse of the economy and what the design client is looking for.  I subscribe to a trade publication called Home Accents Today which keeps me abreast of new trends and vendors in the design marketplace.  I received my latest issue today and it included a very informative piece concerning the recession and the design consumer.  Writer Dana French gives a thorough overview of how the downturn has changed the design landscape and what to expect in the coming year as well as the near future.
One of the biggest points I noticed in the article was how consumers have made lifestyle changes such as eating out less and cooking and entertaining more at home.  As a result of this change, they express an interest in making their homes even more of a haven and refuge from the world than ever.  Some interesting quotes from homeowners:
"The recession makes me want to make my home more of a nest since we spend more time here."
"I value my home even more now since the economy has taken a downshift."
"We take things one day at a time and one piece at a time, instead of one room at a time."
"I think it's good to invest in my home living space.  With going out less often, we spend more time at home."
It seems unanimous that nesting and spending time at home with family and friends is more important to people now than ever before.
Fifty-six percent of those surveyed say they desire to purchase new home furnishings and decor right now, but 30% said they are not sure when they will actually buy them. Twenty two percent said they will purchase  new items this year.  Many people are retaining their newly formed habits of paying with cash, using coupons, shopping several stores before buying, saving money, and doing more projects themselves.  (A good indicator of this is the explosion of DIY blogs on the internet.)
For those of us in the business of helping people with their home design, I think this is good news.  The desire to decorate is there and the plans seem to be made to act on that desire in the fairly near future.  The current design consumer wants the nest and the nest egg, too.


Blue Creek Home said...

Great information. Thanks!


Southern Chateau said...

Blue Creek-You're welcome!

Willow Decor said...

Thanks so much for the research! I think we are all seeing this but its nice to read it's official!
BTW, I really enjoy your blog. I have been going through your old posts! Great work!

Southern Chateau said...

Willow Decor-Thanks so much! I enjoy your blog as well.

Sanity Fair said...

I agree. I'm seeing this everywhere! Witness Target' and Wal Mart with their over the top sales of cookware and flat screen TVs. People are still having gourmet meals and movies - they're just not leaving home to do it. I hope the design industry is able to bounce back quickly!