Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Little Something for Myself

photo by a la parisienne

I just had to show you this beautiful hand-made brooch I ordered for myself from Mandy at  Mandy's beautiful blog is on my blogroll and is a must-see treat.  She is a beautiful young mother who has several creative endeavors going, including photography and blog design.  I purchased this beauty from her Etsy shop.  How satisfying it is to own something so unique and lovely. 

Her brooches always are designed with such feminine details and colors.  Mine is adorned with this pretty vintage blue pearl.  When I opened the box, it was wrapped in fancy tissue paper and tied with an ecru ribbon.  Mandy even included a hand-written thank you note and care instructions.  Such attention to detail!  Be sure and visit her.

Now....I have to shop for an outfit pretty enough to wear it with!


Victoria said...

Fabulous piece Carol. I have to check her blog and perhaps pick one up for moi!

Southern Chateau said...

You definitely should. I love mine.

à la parisienne said...


What a pleasant surprise!
You are so sweet for taking the time to share the brooch I made with your friends. I am so honored that you have me on your blogroll as well! I am so pleased that you love your brooch. Thank you so much.

Southern Chateau said...

You are so welcome, Mandy!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Fantastic find. My mother wears one my father bought her in the Lanvin or Chanel or some similar boutique in Paris, early 70's. Still garners admiring comments to this day.

Might have to pick one up for Mrs. E. for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the idea!

Southern Chateau said...

Easy and Elegant Life-Thanks for coming over. I think it would be a nice V-Day gift for sure.

chateaudelille said...

Love the flower and I agre she is so talented and I cant wait to get something from her. Fiona