Friday, February 19, 2010

Put Some Romance in Your Bedroom

(Canopies, people, we're talking canopies!)

Being a more-is-more kind of girl, (as hard as I try to reform), I am really drawn to fabric and the liberal use of it.  So canopies over beds are a natural fit for me. I just think nothing is more sensual and romantic.  Here are a few images for your enjoyment.

It just doesn't get any prettier than this.

A soothing and relaxing retreat.

A slightly more tailored look.

An interesting and unique design.

A tent canopy.

Dramatic twin canopies.

More twins.

Just a short synopsis of one of my favorite design elements.  I've never met a canopy I didn't like.


Anonymous said...

do you know if canopies can be made for existing beds? if so, any suggestions of whom to ask?

Southern Chateau said...

Yes, they can! Just call a decorator, designer, or a local drapery shop and they should be able to help you.

Lord Cowell said...

Love your blog, esp post about beds and bedrooms. Bedrooms should be spaces where your intimate ideas and passions can surround you in your furniture and designs: and not be fettered by the possibility of uninvited eyes corseting your heart's desires...


Southern Chateau said...

Thanks, David. I agree!

Things That Inspire said...

As a child, I begged my mother for a canopy bed! As an adult, I still love them.