Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Blues

Here in East Tennessee we are blessed to have the joy of the four distinct seasons. Usually all four are fairly mild and temperate.  Not so this winter.  It has been rainy, snowy, gray, and really cold.  We're out of salt and snow days.  Green grass and daffodils fill our dreams.  As an escape, I compiled some beautiful rooms showcasing the color blue.

Beautiful shade of blue on the sofa.

Some combinations of blue and brown are getting tired, but this one is stunning.

Blue and white is so crisp in this dining room.

Blue walls with all-white bedding and upholstery make for a soothing bedroom escape.

An interesting placement of blue and white temple jars.

Eye-catching blue dining chairs pop in this neutral setting.

Blue and white checks become the fous on the bench and headboard in this bedroom.

A favorite image of mine.

So serene.

Blue and white with a coastal feeling.

Blue and white is classic and clean.  Always current and well-loved.

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