Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Classic Style of Joy McLean

As you know, I am in Atlanta fairly frequently since it is the nearest design hub for me. I do at least a couple of buying trips a year, as well as the yearly design show at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. And when I can, I like to tour the Decorator's Showhouse in Atlanta. Regional showhouses feature many of the same area designers almost every year, so we all usually have one or two favorites that we look forward to each year. Joy McLean is one of the designers that I always look forward to. Her style is very classic and clean.

Her use of antiques and beautiful reproductions is something that draws me to her work.

I like the way she keeps her signature look evident here in this sunroom. It still has that edited, traditional feel, but comfortable and casual as well.

A beautiful vignette in an entryway. The mirror reflects a clean-lined window treatment and gorgeous crystal chandelier.

This looks like a keeping room. Elements I love here are the lantern, comfy chairs, and the curved banquette.

Joy McLean uses beautiful blues a lot in her work. Very serene.

Here again she anchors the room with classic furniture and adds tailored window treatments in pretty fabrics.

A warm and inviting library.

Another soft and pretty bedroom.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick little tour of some of Joy's work. Her rooms are even prettier in person. Classic furniture and soft, livable colors always endure.


niartist said...

Beautiful grouping of rooms! Thank you so much for the introduction to Joy McLean. Being a child of the South - I have leaned on these sorts of interiors as my favorites for years and years, even now - actually. Simple stunning. And thank you so much for your glowing compliments of me and my talent. I agree that it was a blessing in disquise. :)

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I have been enjoying all your past post...you have a wonderful blog and I shall return and return. thanks for sharing.

Southern Chateau said...

Thank you so much, Room Service!

cotedetexas said...

beautiful window treatments. really really pretty.

goldenretriever said...

Hello Southern Chateau!
By accident, I came across some of my own work on your site.
Thank You for displaying some of my favorite rooms and for some of the comments that came from your fellow bloggers.
The comments that were included under each photograph were excellent and I appreciate the feedback.
Warm Regards,
Joy McLean

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