Saturday, July 25, 2009

Featured Local Artisan: Regann Hunt

Artists in your own backyard are the most special.

I often discuss design topics that feature big-name design talents of national stature, but today I would like to begin a series of posts that showcase the artistry of some of the talented people here in my own area: people I work with every day who make huge contributions to the local design community in Knoxville.

The featured artist is Regann Hunt of Art Elegance, Regann is skilled at faux finishes, textures, venetian plaster, etc. But what sets her apart is her artistic skill. Her murals and paintings cannot fully be appreciated on a computer screen, but I can attest they are fabulous.

This is a painting I commissioned for a media room in a showhouse a few years ago. I came up with the idea to do paintings reminiscent of old movie posters. The results were amazing and the homeowners were blown away.

This is the other painting for the media room project. It is a take-off on the "Ben-Hur" type movie. Notice how Regann used mine and her name in the credits, as well as the homeowners names in the starring roles in the painting above.

English Countryside Mural

Beach mural for a tanning salon.

Ocean mural.

This close-up of the dolphin from the ocean mural illustrates Regann's artistic talent. It is photographic in detail.

Sweet mural in a child's room.

A beautiful Grecian lady painting. I love the framing and sconces.

A detailed jungle scene.

A wonderful tone-on-tone mural of a train.

I am always amazed at the details in Regann's animal paintings. This mural was done for a bar.

Another shot of the mural Regann did for a bar in East Tennessee.

An adorable toile design for a girl's room.

A close-up of the adorable rendition of a nursery rhyme my Dad recited to me when I was a baby. (See my post on this nursery in my archives.)

A wide shot of the hand-painted cribs for our showhouse nursery.

The lovely Ms. Regann herself, striking a pose in front of one of her murals.

I hope you have enjoyed my little piece on Regann Hunt, of Art Elegance here in Knoxville. Regann is extremely talented, but she is a wonderful person as well. She can turn any idea into art and she travels and ships her work as well! A wonderful resource for me and maybe for you as well.

(All images copyright of Regann Hunt and Art Elegance.)


Anonymous said...

Regann is an incredible artist. I saw some of her work today on her web site and was in awe of her talent. She can make any 1 dimensional wall come alive in 3D. Wow!!!

Hog Hunting Texas said...

These painting are looking like the real one really great paints. Thanks for sharing.