Friday, May 14, 2010

More Atlanta Excitement

Atlanta Decorative Arts Center

In my last post, I wrote about my experience at Design ADAC 2010 last week and the thrill of seeing and hearing design icon John Saladino speak about his work.  I felt privileged to be in attendance.  But the trip proved exciting for me in other ways, as well.
First off, while sitting and waiting for a session by business coach David Shepherd to begin,  I thought I spotted the author of the popular blog "Things That Inspire".  After the session I went up to her and introduced myself.  Holly was as charming in person as she is on her blog.  I regret that I didn't get a photo with her, but I was very happy to meet her.

After the talk by John Saladino, I purchased his book, "Villa", and proceeded to an upstairs showroom to to meet him and get my book signed.  Here is a photo of  the book signing.

 While in line, I turned around to see none other than Suzanne Kasler waiting in line behind me!  I was excited about my good fortune and introduced myself.  Suzanne is so warm and friendly.  I admire designers such as these who have reached the pinnacle of success and yet retain such a grounded and real persona.  My husband Steve snapped this photo:

Later that day we drove over to Buckhead to tour the Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Showhouse.  I always try to visit when I can.  The house was great and we lingered in every room taking it all in.  I was impressed with how many designers were present to meet and greet in their respective rooms.  When we reached the Master Bedroom, we were greeted by the designer, Patricia McLean. I have followed her Showhouse rooms for many years.  I found her Southern charm so engaging and her room was fabulous.  Here is a photo of Patricia and me in front of a 17th century Venetian secretary worth a mere $700,000!  She was so sweet and gracious.

I always enjoy my trips to Atlanta and I love the design energy and vibe I get from being there, but this trip was even more special as a result of meeting such design greats who are such warm and wonderful people as well.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sitting at the Feet of a Master

I just returned from Design ADAC 2010  in Atlanta and my batteries could not be more recharged.  I saw many wonderful things; fabrics, furnishings, rugs, etc.  The biggest take-away though, was from listening to John Saladino, the design and architectural icon, speak about his latest book and his villa in California.  Speaking to a standing-room only crowd, he received a standing ovation as he walked into the room.  After the applause died down, you could hear a pin drop as we, decorators and designers from near and far, many of world renown themselves, waited for him to speak and teach.  We were not disappointed.
His talk was based on his career, but mainly on the loving and painstaking restoration of his villa in Santa Barbara California.  He spoke about and taught how ancient cultures and civilizations have influenced his designs and his architectural point of view.  It was so inspiring to see such a legendary designer who is so humble.  I won't try and discuss and illustrate all his work, because blogland is full of such posts, but I will say that to see and hear him in person was very moving for me.  I think I will probably look at design in a different way from now forward.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cover Girls!

A wonderful Mother's Day gift!  So proud to work with my sweet daughter, Shana.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derby Day

Mint Juleps...

A huge spread...

Hats and more hats....

And they're off!

( Do you have a favorite horse?  I don't know much about them, but I like the name "Looking at Lucky") !
  Seeing the Derby is on my bucket list!