Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Need a Slipper Chair in Your Life!

I love chairs of all kinds.  I am known to bring home any stray chair that I feel is orphaned and needs a good home.  Little antique French ones are favorites and are sprinkled around my house.  But another type of chair that I cannot resist is a cute little slipper chair.  Every house needs a least one somewhere.

Slipper chairs have quite a romantic back-story, as they are said to have served the function of giving Victorian ladies a low, armless chair on which to sit while putting on stockings and shoes.  The lack of arms made room for the billowing skirts worn in those days.  I just know that aesthectically a slipper chair is very pleasing to me.

Slipper chairs are just so versatile because of their small scale.  You can tuck them into so many places in a room.  It can often be a good solution for treating an awkward corner.  Pairing a slipper chair with a small drink table, as in the photo above, creates a cozy reading spot.

 This is a cell-phone shot of a similar chair I snapped at a recent furniture show.  This chair is from Lee Industries.  I wanted to illustrate how, even when there is button-tufting present, a pretty print fabric such as this blue-and-white ikat style, looks great.  So pretty!

 I think this little chair is just so unique and stylish.  More button-tufting and legs with casters, two of my favorite style details.

How about this for something truly different and utterly feminine?  I love it in a neutral linen like this and it would be fantastic in a large scale print as well.

This is a little antique slipper chair I have owned for a very long time, from back when finding something like this was rare, before French reproductions became so common.  It is done in needlepoint.

This slipper chair has a very classic, sophisticated feel which I think would look great done in a living room in a pair, side-by-side.

This was another one of my vintage finds that I had covered in a cotton fabric with a small fern pattern.  It sits in my grandson's nursery at my house. (By the way, those walls are chocolate brown.  Not the greatest picture.)

This is a more contemporary version consisting of cleaner, straighter lines and a little larger scale.  I'm more of the curvy persuasion myself, though!

If something seems missing in your life, maybe adding a delicious little slipper chair to your decor will brighten things up.  You never know!

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Renae Moore said...

I love a slipper chair! You have some beauties here!

Mona Thompson said...

Love slipper chairs too. I've got one that needs recovering right now. some lovely ideas here. Mona

Southern Chateau said...

Thanks Mona and Renae! Too good to resist aren't they?

Moniqie said...

Beautiful chairs! Lovely blog, too!