Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year and Time For a Life-Cleanse

January 2 is for me like it is most people, I think.  After the holiday festivities, real life appears.  The New Year spread before us feels fresh and new. 
This morning I was thinking about the usual first-of-the-year diet I need to start, and it got me thinking about all the other areas of life that also need a good detox.  So I made a list;

First, my head.  Without a clearing of the mind, no other cleansing can take place.  Letting go of negative, self-defeating thoughts has to come first in order to make progress in all the other areas of life.

Second, my heart.  Old hurts and resentments, perceived slights by others, anger, it all has to swept out of the spirit.  New happiness cannot come in while these are in the way.

Next, my body. Fill it with things that are good for me only. And get up and move!

My home and office need a detox, as well.  Out with old samples and inventory.  Out with clothes we don't wear and, well.....just stuff.

Clearing out the old makes space for the new and the good.  So today I will take a deep breath and take the first step toward cleansing my life.

all images via pinterest